Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Break in Yangshuo

After a fun holiday celebration in Beijing, the girls packed their shades and we woke early one morning for the quick trip to the airport and a three hour flight south to Guilin.

A taxi ride later and we landed at the Giggling Tree, a guesthouse nestled amidst the karst formations of Yangshuo. The girls quickly claimed some courtyard territory as we kicked-back after the travel.

The girls recharged their batteries and decided to roam about the tiny little village area where we were staying. Located a short bike ride out of the town of Yangshuo, the guest house provided a nice rural area where we could walk through the fields yet still have some local people around to say hello to.

and see some fun sights - like a baby in a bucket bath! The day was getting a little late when we saw this little one. She was just hanging out and the steam from the bath was rising around her. She seemed so content.

XO & SLM enjoyed walking about and exploring. Chickens roamed everywhere and there were also cows to spot.

Oranges were in season!

The locals seemed to be constantly working. Some zipped around working tourist bamboo boats but others constantly toiled in the fields, carried water or other jobs.

The girls paused in the beauty to let each other know how much they loved each other. Beautiful!

 The ending of another day...

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