Friday, January 9, 2015


In our house, almost every bear is called a panda. Black, brown or white, the bear is a panda. It surprised us to find that the city of Guilin has a zoo inside one of its parks with pandas. Guilin is the major city (location of the airport) that we returned to for a few days before our departure to Beijing. Zoos definitely hold an internal conflict for us. On one hand, we want the girls to see real animals to get the idea of how they look, move, act, etc. on something other than a screen. At the same time, it is depressing to see these animals in zoos and this one was quite typical in its facilities. The girls loved it but we left quite sad.

On the walk to through the main park, several men were water-brushing calligraphy. We stopped to watch and were invited to give a try.

Guilin is surrounded by karst formations and this one is known as the camel rock.

The sign reads "animal appears on a place". I'm not quite sure if we reached the place...

Finally, the pandas! The zoo was almost empty of people (and animals) so the girls had plenty of space to run around and peak in.

Several signs featured a different sort of species but we didn't find them.

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