Monday, November 3, 2014

Monkeys & Halloween

The suits arrived a little bit before Halloween and the girls couldn't wait to get into them. Hopping in, they immediately began doing what monkeys do best - dancing! (Please excuse the poor quality - monkeys are hard to catch on film...)

As monkeys do, these wee ones found the tail and were not quite sure what to do with it.

No sis! That's not what you do.

A few days later, XO and Slim picked out their pumpkins for a carving party. A third little monkey and a monkey trainer showed up to sit on, draw on, and carve into the pumpkins.

The final days leading up to Friday night were exciting. We were "Boo'ed" - a tradition in our neighborhood that results in a bag of candy being placed on the porch and a note to pass it on to someone else in the community (we did). Unfortunately, the dryness (?) had a horrible effect on the carved pumpkins. They quickly began shriveling but the girls thought it was funny to see. Finally, Friday arrived and the monkey suits came back on.

Mom raced up the stairs before the little ones saw here, and to XO's dismay, came down a changed person. It took her a little bit of time to be OK with the new Mom. Sitting and watching Dad get done up helped a bit as well.

I can't believe she pulled this off in a short period of time in front of the mirror. Amazing!

Family Portrait

The monkeys

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