Sunday, August 3, 2014

To the Vatican

St. Peter's Square
A calm surrounded the square as we entered during the hours of dusk. Gone were the crazy crowds and lines that would return the next day in order to catch a glimpse inside the basilica. Rome felt so pleasant to walk around at night when temperatures dropped and the numbers of tourists dropped.

The next morning we joined the throngs of people to enter into the Vatican Museum. Again, Krista saved us by having purchased tickets earlier and we avoided the hours of standing in line. 

First impression: opulent. Second impression: still opulent

Grand halls managed to hold everyone with ease as we slowly made our way towards the Sistine Chapel. Paintings and tapestries covered every surface.

Hall of Maps

We made our way down the spiral staircase ready for the exit. The works of art were beautiful but how is the expense justified?

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