Sunday, August 31, 2014


On of the first things that I discovered about Krista was that she really, really wanted to visit Pompeii - we did meet at a geology camp :) This summer, when my parents gave us the amazing, awesome gift of a week travel the primary location was barely discussed. We were going to Pompeii!

A day forecasted to have rain must have kept the crowds down as we arrived early in the morning with few others and beautiful skies. The walk was humbling as we imagined a bustling village prior to the catastrophic eruption of neighboring Mt. Vesuvius. Narrow streets, side-walk "fast-food" counters, public baths and more provided us with a great trip.

Finally getting to tour a place on her list. 
One of the casts made when the hot ash flew through the city.

Street-dining counter

Inside a bath

Typical cobbled street recessed below the sidewalks / home entrances.



More casts

The edges are still uncovered. What amazing finds lie underneath the vegetation? 
Diner & Fresco 

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