Saturday, August 30, 2014

Naples: a necessary stop-over

Even now, scrolling through photographs, it's hard to believe that Rome and Naples exist in the same country. In Rome, everything seemed to put together so we received a bit of a shock the moment our train deposited us in Napoli. Without leaving the train station, we transferred to the metro. There we waited and waited and waited. The quai slowly filled to the brim with people and there was still no sign of a train. The regularly scheduled train was simply not coming on time (first indication that we were in a new land). Eventually, one did roll in and we loaded with the hordes of others, made our way across town and found our hotel. Strike 2 was arriving in an Italian city on a Sunday afternoon. Almost everything was closed up which made the city feel even more desolate.

The National Archeological Museum was open so we walked there. Along the way we realized that a bathtub ring of graffiti adorned almost every surface of building. Beautiful buildings lay in various states of disrepair. The museum itself posted a sign indicating that the vast majority of exhibits were closed down so we skipped the visit.

Why were we here? Naples is well-positioned for those wanting to visit Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius so it was a necessary stop. 

Closed up

Grass and other plants grew from many buildings and monuments.

I wonder what the sermons here are like...

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