Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rome - the Colosseum and more

Several months ago Mamie-O and OleFar made a lovely suggestion: leave their precious granddaughters with them and take some time off. How long? Oh, a week sounds good...  We jumped on that fantastic idea and immediately booked tickets for Rome before they came to their senses (we're talking about the McMonsters after all).

Arriving at the Geneva airport with only a small backpack each made us feel like something was left behind. Nope, just us having a trip together! Sleeping in the next morning was akin to winning the lottery.

A beautiful day dawned and fortunately Krista purchased tickets to the big sites in advance (travel tip - do this! The lines of people waiting to get tickets were hours long.) Rome is a wonderful place to wander about and it's relative small size makes it super easy. Our first day was packed!

Trajan's Market

Outside of the Colosseum

Palatine Hill - 
Hippodrome of Domitian

Rome from Palatine Hill

Arches in the Roman Forum

Modern girl - old place

Inside the Colosseum - a floor once covered the maze of cells

Roman Forum 

Whew, all those sites (and pounding the pavement) took us to midday. What next? Gelato in espresso, of course!

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