Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roaming Roman Cobblestones

The size of Rome is perfect! We found it easy to walk from area to area and there are so many pedestrian zones that a sense of peacefulness seems to spread out and about. Getting away from the cars and walking down the cobblestones makes for a lovely afternoon. After we left the Colosseum area and enjoyed a quick sidewalk cafe, we continued wandering around...

Tiny streets where the walls of buildings seem to gently press in opened up to grand piazzas with fountains, statues, obelisks or other surprises.

Marcus Aurelius Column

As we roamed, a general direction was set and we hoped to stumble upon a fun site. At one point, we came upon what seemed to be opening up to quite a large square. The Pantheon loomed at the back end of the piazza.

Street artists hang out in many places and this lady's work was interesting. Her art took form on what appeared to be discarded pizza boxes or other form of cardboard.

Rest break outside of the Pantheon
 A bit further along found us stumbling into the Piazza Campo De Fiori. A flower, pasta, vegetable market fills this square though it's better to get there earlier in the day as vendors begin packing up fairly early.
A statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno - burnt alive for heresy
 So much pasta...

Piazza Navona is a large square with a beautiful church, gorgeous fountains and a lot of activity.

Crossing the Tiber River

What's the trick of these two guys?

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