Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

The fourth dawned with me racing down a rocky hill on my loaner-mountain bike. Rolling out of bed, it seem like the best way to get the 4th started included a batch of croissants from the local boulangerie. Sneaking out of the house before Krista and the wee ones awoke, I wiped the sleep from my eyes, ignored the fact that I coffee was not yet present in my veins, hoped the rain-soaked terrain would not punish me too much, and began pedaling. A few rocky slips and a close-call with a barbed-wire fence later, I ordered croissants for the family and made it back home just as others woke up. Who doesn't like fresh croissants first thing in the morning?

In the afternoon, we drove to Besancon (a large city about an hour away) for the second round of rabies vaccines - living abroad gives us access to oh so many more shots! The girls immediately recognized the halls of the hospital and were not impressed to have returned but were soon pricked and out again. In the evening, we hosted an American-style cook-out "a la Francaise" for some neighbors.
Firing up the vintage grill

In true Portland style, it rained for the 4th though a great time was had by all.
Rain-soaked & enjoying a water-shooter.
 Ice cream ending - we hope all had a wonderful 4th!

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