Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fête de la Saint-Jean

The huge mound of branches signified that the Fête de la Saint-Jean was around the corner. A small tree perched on the top of the mound as if in defiance to the poor weather that continued to pound the village. Thunder storms whipped across the lake and dropped buckets of rain on the hills. Would the fire light? With roots somewhere in pagan lore, the Fête de la Saint-Jean is celebrated by many villages in this region. For us, it means a village feast and bonfire - the first for the girls!

By the time we left home, it was almost the girls' bedtime but the festivities were more attuned to the setting of the sun than the sleep hour of our girls. Knowing the night would be chilly, the girls bundled up for the walk through the village and up the hill to the bonfire / covered meeting spot. The rain stopped and we began walking.

It's a good thing Mamie-O had a few hats for the wee ones to keep them warm. Layer upon layer also helped fight off the summer chill.

Walks with the girls are entertaining as they stop to check out new items and investigate things we often do not see. Who knew so many slugs were around?

The village get-together featured multiple generations and there were many who played with our girls. Eventually, the sun began to slip behind the hills and dinner was served to everyone gathered on long benches and tables. As the hour got late, darkness arrived and a shout soon went up - the fire was lit!

We raced out for a closer view and to feel the heat raging off of the flames.

Dessert finally pulled us back to the festive atmosphere though 11:00 quickly rolled around and we turned into pumpkins.

Late night smiles!

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