Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stroll through Beijing's Olympic Park

The passport / visa shuffle is an ongoing part of life when living abroad. In China, we are issued an annual visa that is renewed each year. This means that our passports get bundled up and shipped somewhere for processing. This year, my passport's expiration date was within the upcoming visa duration so I had to first renew my passport. Fortunately, there is a US Embassy in Beijing so I took a day off from school to travel into town. Not knowing how long it would take, I planned on the entire day and was pleasantly surprised when I flew through the building and left with a large portion of the day left. As a teacher, writing sub plans is a chore in itself and I wasn't about to waste that time by returning (plus, the substitute was there for the day) so I decided to head on a wander.

Along a Beijing canal

Returning to the subway, I made the Olympic Park my destination. A midweek visit insured that crowds would be at a minimum and only a few others roamed the large boulevard as the day became nice and nicer.

Bird's Nest

Sculpture Caption: 
"The sport of noble gentleman shows a refreshing appeal when it is played by a Chinese woman."

Water Cube

Art pieces along the Olympic way

Entrance to Forest Park

Spring blooms

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