Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sister Time

A week into life in France and the girls are in a decent rhythm. The weather of the Jura mountains can be quite unpredictable and moody and we've had some inside as well as lots of outside time. XO & SLM are relishing in discovering new sights, sounds and smells.

The beginning of the week offered up a big surprise. A pelle-teuse, or back-hoe, was deposited on Sunday night and began work on Monday. The girls love watching the machine move back and forth along the road.

Grass is slowly starting to grow on the property and the girls are loving the deck. The grooves in the wood are great for zipping a toy car back and forth.

New neighbor friends only speak French and the girls amaze us at the new words and conversations they already follow. Here is a little down time where they squeezed together on a chair to read and listen to sounds.

Getting to sleep has been a bit difficult for the wee ones. It may be remnants of jet lag or the fact that they are processing so much new information through their senses. Either way, both girls seem happy and content when they are awake and loving life en France!

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