Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Garden Update

And the seasons they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down...Here we are in the waning days of spring as the summer heat begins to bear down. Last October, we began setting the beginnings of our home garden in Beijing.

When we first moved in, remnants of a sodded yard existed but the girls got to work and soon much of the grass was dug out.

In the early spring, the girls were given this bed. It is easy to see from the house and the girls have had a great time planting and working in it. Usually, they are gentle with their plants but other times digging expeditions begin and the plants worry about their existence. The girls have enjoyed a flowering bed and often check up on the flowers.

We also had a bed of volunteers. At one point, many squash-like leaves began popping up in one corner of a bed. Digging down, we found a jackpot of seeds. It seems like the soil that was brought in held a decomposing squash. It will be interesting to see what is produced and if edible. There were so many plants coming up that we decided to let 'em go crazy. A few structures have been built to guide the vines as they snake all over the place.

The only ripe veggie for the eating at the moment are the cucumbers. It's made us so happy that the girls get excited about taking food out of the garden and giving it a try. They have a daily cucumber snack and give the plants an early morning inspection in the hopes of finding ripe cukes. The tomatoes are safe at the moment but the girls really want to begin pulling the green "balls."

On one end, we've experimented a bid with wine bottle design. An herb garden went in first and is doing quite well. We're trying to keep some of the herbs in line so that they don't take more than their allotted territory.

Here's an "aerial" view of the garden. Teams of people have recently been through our neighborhood sodding community spaces so we decided to try our luck with a bit of grass for the girls. At the moment it looks great and they like running through. We'll see how the intense Beijing summer treats it while we are gone.

The "empty" patch beside the grass is a first attempt at asparagus. For some reason, people typically do not think that it is a bed so this spot has been trampled more than any other. A few brave asparagus fingers keep popping up. It is supposed to take a few years to get going to we'll stay hopeful for a bit.

The rest of the area around the herb mandala needs a bit of work but it all takes time...Here's to a happy summer in all of your gardens!

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