Monday, June 16, 2014

Back under the knife. Again....

Our wee one lasted a full year without seeing the operating table but May madness brought the scrubs back out. At home, we did our usual set of highly scientific studies (snapping in her ears until she became irritated with us, trying to communicate from across the room, cranking on her favorite dance music, etc) to decide that she was not hearing. The first visit to the doctor found a cautious pediatrician recommending that we see an ENT. Sound rooms, medications and a conservative "let's wait a little longer" brought a verdict similar to our own - she was not hearing. Loss was estimated at 85-90%. Wow! A surgery date was set to replace the fallen out tubes and to remove her adenoids. The surgeon had a hunch that swollen adenoids were blocking drainage and keeping her from becoming healthy.

An early morning trip to the park helped get our minds off wanting to eat or drink, pre-surgery fasting. Soon, the car arrived to take us to the hospital. Little traffic brought us early to our destination and we lucked out that an empty play structure was ready for use.

The hospital was quite nice and we were first shown to an intensive care area to prep for the surgery. Gloves make great balloons but IV set-ups are no fun.

A diaper arrived "properly" identified as biohazard.

During surgery, Krista and I roamed around and finally made our way up to the recovery room. I kept on calling it a hotel room by mistake but it was unlike any room of our past hospital experiences.

The surgery lasted quicker than expected and the surgeon returned with a good prognosis - the adenoids were quite enlarged and blocking as believed. New tubes were put in and the pesky adenoids removed.

Initial hearing tests after the surgery (both the official and unofficial parent-directed study) show that her hearing is vastly improved!

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