Saturday, February 1, 2014

Looking back over the Year of the Snake

As the last year winds on into memory, it provides good opportunity to look back on what's happened. We are in the middle of a self-imposed travel ban and are starting to feel a bit pent-up. Since the October holiday, we've listened to coworkers detail holiday adventures throughout southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and on and on and on. Our standard line - we're staying here in Beijing. The main reason for this stance on our travels is that it is what has been best for the girls, so let's begin the review of the year with them.

What! They just turned 2? Yep, a year ago they were just figuring out motion on two legs.

We ended 2012 in Thailand with the exciting offer of a new job in Beijing. The winter break had been part vacation and part job seeking expedition. From Thailand, we returned to Taiwan to enjoy the remaining months.

However, during the trip to Thailand we had the awesome visit of my parents who returned with us for several weeks. They left just as the Year of the Snake officially got underway.

Yeah! Help with baby-wrangling is great!
The year picked up its pace as spring time flashed by and the girls continued exploring and finding new ways to drive Mom & Dad insane. By spring break, a bit of relaxation on the beach was called for and we headed south to the Philippines.

Will we ever tire of this photo? You should see the poster size canvas we have!
Soon, the coming move to Beijing started becoming more and more of a reality. We discussed the transportation of Audrey. We met with moving companies. We shuffled papers in order to get visas. (Oh yeah, the girls process was completely different.) We began talking with future coworkers. We tried to wrap things up in Taiwan. tick tock the clock kept on inching forward. We got more and more excited about a trip back to Portland! Woohoo - summer finally arrived and we headed home.

Summer was great. We saw family, reconnected with our wonderful friends, roamed our old neighborhoods, enjoyed tasty brews, and the girls explored the Pacific Northwest.

That silly clock kept on ticking and we again found ourselves buckling in for a flight across the Pacific. Touchdown in Beijing, China. It's honestly felt like a whirlwind since arriving but I think we're at the end of the storm. Audrey rejoined us, school started, we found a house to live in and it was soon winter break. Whew! I guess the year has been a full one.

The photo is from a window in a guard tower along the Great Wall. People ask, "Why blog?" and for us some of the reason is to not look back on our past as if looking out of the window above. So much happened and we hope to capture the events as we move on. It's fun to look back over and remember the little details that stories and other posts bring back.

Our girls are absolutely amazing for us and it is unbelievable how much they have changed in their short lives. In this last year, they have gone from the weeble-wobbles of a beginning walker to the bullish charge of confident toddlers. They have gone from untold piles of diapers slated for the laundry to stopping in the middle of an activity and dashing to the toilet, earning cheers of "Bravo" from sister. They still have the ability to scream at insane pitches yet can also form sentences and express their desires in words. They listen and speak in three languages and it's great to hear the combinations they come up with. (The best so far: I eat. A table (in French). Xie xie translation I want to eat. Let's all go to the table. Thank you.) They are working on independently playing together and giving Mom & Dad a bit of quiet time. All sorts of things are happening!

We're looking on to the Year of the Horse with excitement and wish you all the best as well!

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