Sunday, January 5, 2014

Night, night

"Night, night." These two words are part wonder and part game in our house. It's amazing when the girls are completely asleep. Now that they've moved to "big beds" it is nice to go in visit and tuck them back in as we head off for a few hours ourselves. Dolls are also put to bed - the girls tuck them in and tell them "night, night". Then, there is the party aspect.

Bedtime has been absolutely crazy around here! The latest curveball in the girls' development was thrown as they moved from cribs to beds. We kept with the same routine (naively) hoping that time would settle them. Nope. Imagine a dinner where the girls are so tired that their heads almost hit the table.

"Night, night"

Legs are so weak from fatigue that they can barely make it up the stairs.

"Night, night"

Bath time rejuvenates a little as the fun factor gets them sloshing around, throwing water and having a good time. The next stop is book time and we can feel them slowly amping up. By the time we put them down to bed, they are almost bouncing. We kiss them good night and head out. Do their cute little heads peacefully lay down with closed eyes? Of course not! That's what we would like so that we could have an evening of peace. No, the party starts.


The room is quite dark yet they manage to go crazy. Covers and pillows are flung off of beds. The poor stuffies are tossed who knows where. Closets are ransacked. The photo below shows a meter stick through cabinets. So far this protection has kept them from opening and dumping out the contents of these cabinets. On this day, the large cabinet was untied and clothes pulled out.

The beds are pushed all over the room. If anything, these girls are crafty! Together, they are a combination that is deadly to the sanity of their parents. One night, we arrived and turned on the lights to find that a bed had been pushed over to the window. This allowed them to climb up on the wide ledge and then they figured out how to open the window. Both girls were crammed onto the sill with only a screen between them and the wide open 2nd floor space. A baby gate now decorates the window.

Too short to open doors? Nope, that's why they have beds. They must be fairly coordinated in their movements as they can quickly get the bed over to the door area and use it to gain the height to reach the door knob. Then, they pour out of the room to see what extra trouble they can get into.

"Night, night" indeed. Honestly, evening times were beginning to kill us. It seemed like we were in a constant battle. They could take hours to finally calm down. All the online "suggestions" were being done and we finally searched up twin sleeping habits. Pajama party, chaos, Help!, hours and hours and hours, these were all common terms. It seems that no one with twins was finding bedtime an enjoyable time.

Instead of battling, we decided to push back into the room. Free time is over and we take turns patiently sitting with the girls. The first night was great! Within 15 minutes, the girls were both asleep. We found the golden cure. Yeah, right. The second night was 30 minutes, then 45 and we're now up to an hour or more. So, we are kind of back to the drawing board. The chaos and struggles are over but one of us commits a huge amount of time. Can we start scaling back or will they return to party central? Should we just look at this phase as a time to meditate and enter a state of peacefulness?

On the flip side, they typically snooze throughout the whole night and use their new-found ability of breaking out of their room to come on downstairs in the morning. When awake, I hear the calls of "Daddy" as they make their way down stairs. It's pretty cool. A few times they have caught me trying to sleep in. On one occasion, they decided to wake the turtle. We heard the sounds of pebbles being thrown onto the ground. I freaked at first thinking that the turtle had also been thrown across the room but it was hiding in a corner. A second time, they raided the kitchen and we came down to find them munching on oranges.

XO with shakers and Sage with her stuffies.

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