Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celebrating the Big 2

Finally. Whenever anyone asks how old the girls are we can just say, "Two." No more hassling with months or coming up with different amounts for each wee one. They are two and today we celebrated Sage's birthday with her favorite meal, a gift from XO to Sage and a bit of cake.

Shui jiao (dumplings) are Sage's favorite. We've yet to make enough for her.
Chopsticks slow her down - she typically crams them in her mouth as fast as possible.
Someone let her know that cake was coming.
XO joined in the excitement. (No, she does not like to wear pants. Even in the winter.)
Two for 2!

Xian handing Sage her present. 
Oh so excited!
I'm ready to rock!
Xian joining in on the uke.
A great night.

Happy Birthday Sage. We love you!

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