Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Months ago we, along with 20 or so others, arrived in Beijing. We stepped into the midst of summer and the humid air shocked out systems adjusted to a Portland summer. A few of us were came in from the Pacific Northwest while others came from other parts of the States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa...Talk of a distant Thanksgiving surface among some of the Americans. Fast forward to the present and the air has changed. Humid conditions gave way to dry and cold air. Days are much shorter as the sun takes its time to peak above the horizon and quickly settles in again as evening approaches (and winter is not even here!)

Thanksgiving also quickly appeared and provided an opportunity for us to gather with others for a wonderful evening. Expat life is strange in that our families are spread far about in the world. Friendships are formed with others thrown into the same crazy situations as ourselves. Home traditions find an important place in our lives. In Taiwan, we taught at an American School and Thanksgiving was a prominent feast day. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Guinea, I remember finishing school and racing to Conakry, the capital city and home of the Peace Corps Headquarters, to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, it was with excitement that plans for Thanksgiving at our house got underway. Krista did an awesome job organizing and getting everything planned out. (Unfortunately, we teach at an "international" school so Thanksgiving is not a holiday. We feasted the Sunday before.)

The previous Monday, the turkey began its long thaw in order to be ready for Sunday. The big surprise happened on Saturday night when the oven decided to short-out. Whoops! A power cord was jiggled and back on it came. The long bake on Sunday featured several more outings but by the time everyone arrived, the bird was cooked!

It was great to have everyone over for nice company and food. One of our guests experienced her first Thanksgiving and enjoyed the November tradition. Happy Thanksgiving to all out there! Enjoy the time with your friends and families!

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