Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

A Care Bear kept us snuggly and warm while Dobby, the house elf, watched over every move. This was the girls first Halloween experience and they had a blast. Mom cooked up great costumes - great because they both hopped in with barely a complaint - that just seemed to suit each perfectly.

Meet Xian, the Care Bear. She's snuggly and warm.

Halloween was an opportunity to flash down her rainbow in a show of independence. She quickly figured out the routine: find a mob of people, climb the stairs to be with them, patiently wait, hold out bag, score something in a wrapper, say thank you, walk back down the stairs and repeat. There was little hand-holding as she took off on her own!

Xian charging it with bag in hand.

Stay away from my candy.

Then there is the friendly house-elf, Dobby, um Sage.

Not sure about Dad's carving job.
Sage developed her own strategy during the trick-or-treating experience. Understanding that a lot of giving was taking place, she often offered goodies out of her bag when at the door. People laughed and responded by giving her tons of loot. Her bag was packed!

Glowing little elf

All in all, it was a fun night. Our community had quite a few people that participated in Halloween and it was great to see the streets full of kids and to watch the giggling little ones have fun in costume.

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