Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Fun

The evening hour rapidly approached as I stepped outside our front door. Saturday was an inside day due to poor air quality and I hoped that Sunday would offer clearer skies. The horizon line offered a sneak preview as a distinct line cut across the sky. Blue skies pushed towards us as the sunlight slowly passed on. By the time that Audrey and I finished our walk, the northwest wind was picking up fallen leaves and twirling them about. Aah, there was promise for a nice day!

Winds bring clear skies while taking leaves.
The mercury has already dropped lower than anytime in Taiwan and bike commutes to work have been in big, puffy jackets. The girls seem to enjoy the cold weather and Audrey acts as if she is getting younger as she tears about on our walks (I mean, she's on a leash...).

Heading out on a cold day
With leaves falling about, we enjoyed the weekend with a few crafts and some nice outings. The girls had fun making glitter pumpkins.

A walk around the neighborhood included a stop in the play area and leaf-angel training.

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