Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Garden in Progress

A nice yard located along the side of our house was a key draw for me as we searched for houses a couple of months ago. Before arriving in Beijing, I had deep fears about our girls growing up in a concrete jungle and not knowing green life as they peered out of windows into smoggy air. Fortunately, the scenario has been quite different so far. I know, I know, the winter is coming and that brings biting cold and its accompanying friend, air pollution, but we've so far had a lot of outside days and are currently enjoying a great fall. This has allowed us to put in a bit of a garden.

When we first moved in, the sparse, spidery-like grass covered the yard and weeds looked for any opening to set-up camp.

Xian and Audrey hanging out in the yard
We began talking with our landlord who is an avid gardener. She liked the idea of putting in a few beds so I tore out the grass in the middle third of the yard.

Play time in the soil
Krista then worked with a local brick-layer to build four raised-beds in the area. He quickly got to work and the beds took form.

While all the work was going on, other helpers ran to and fro at lightening speed, lending a helping hand whenever possible.

I guess she hasn't heard that you're not supposed to run with pointy objects in hand.

As the brick layer finished up, he arranged for rock to fill in the area between beds and to fill the beds up with soil.

The first bed is currently designated as kid play area. The girls love digging through the soil, planting rocks and working with their tools.

We've planted one of the back beds full of veggie seeds and are hoping to get things started before the cold sets in. The hope is to build some cold frames to keep the little guys warm. Wish us luck!

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