Monday, October 14, 2013

Flower Market

The settling process continues...One of the local stops that we can load into the tuk-tuk and "safely" get to is the Flower Market. The ride takes 15 minutes or so but places us on the dreaded Dead Ayi road. Drivers here are a bit crazy - way beyond any Taiwanese standards. This little road that parallels a river seems to have been designated as an autobahn by the majority of drivers. The market is held in a large building that is divided into small retail areas. We've found that in order to get in and out the girls need to hitch a ride on our backs.

Furniture stores selling a wide array of cabinets, trunks, lanterns and much more weave in and out of fish stores (the girls' favorite) and flower stores.

More furniture

and flowers...

XO peaking out behind a display of brushes.

At the end of the latest trip, the girls were wiped out. 

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