Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Friday race to the doctor

“Excuse me. I’m sorry but the taxi is not coming,” the nice receptionist at our apartment informed us.

“Really?” was our immediate reaction. The taxi was called over 10 minutes ago and we had been patiently waiting as our 3:30 appointment time rapidly approached.

“Yes, he says that you are too close.”

Plan B was immediately hatched and put into place. I ran upstairs to grab the baby-backpacks and we raced to the apartment basement/parking garage to hop on our newly purchased bikes. Good thing we went out the day before to obtain some pedal power. A few moments later we were out of the bat cave and following Li Xin, our amazing ayi, to the doctors’ office.

Backpackin' on the bike. Don't worry, the helmets are being shipped.

Yes, our journeys continue. This time, Sage presented herself with a full body rash. A couple days of analyzing her diet for possible allergens resulted in little conclusion so we took her in. As it turns out, a virus ran around her wee little body, causing no fever or other symptoms, and covering her in this rash. She’s on the mend with a combination of western medicine and a Chinese remedy that gets poured into the bath. The girls are loving nightly bubble baths. “Bubbles!”

As Sage visited the doctor, XO enjoyed time at a nearby pet store. Kittens on one side and puppies around the corner.

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