Monday, August 12, 2013

Back-to-school BBQ

The evening air was hot. The sun relentlessly shined down as we jockeyed for a bit of shade. The evening celebrated the end of the first week of school though it felt like we were still in full summer-time mode. While we enjoyed refreshing beverages, the girls hung out beside the buckets of beer and wine and slurped down ice cubes.

XO holding a slippery cube
The intensity of the sun eventually lessened and we were treated to a wonderful evening. A large buffet was set out and hundreds of people mingled about. We wanted a good feeling of community and this was a great school event.

Krista & Sage enjoying dinner
The girls overheated a bit and the best remedy for summer heat is ice cream!
The combination of the sun setting, the awesomeness of ice cream and a steady intake of ice cubes restored the good moods of the girls. They finished dinner and were ready to play.

Kids roamed everywhere and some activities were set-up. Xian and Krista took off for the painting station and had loads of fun producing a nice piece.

Budding abstract artist?

Sage explored and was drawn to water and objects she could move.

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