Saturday, August 31, 2013

AQI: PDX vs Beijing

Fantastic! Beautiful! Unheard of! Don't get used to it. We're hearing a lot of these statements at the moment. Fall is slowly knocking on the door of summertime and the days have been quite nice. Early morning walks with Audrey moved from short sleeves to a light jacket over the past week. Visibility is superb. Apparently, some people can visit Beijing for extended periods of time and not realize that mountains are close by.

The air quality is as good as it can probably get. Yesterday at school, some of my students checked out the permanent air monitoring device and obtained a reading of 2 ug/m3. This translates to an AQI index of 8! For comparisons sake, here is today's reading of Shunyi (our suburban locale of Beijing) and Portland.

 I know that we'll likely have air off the charts at some point in the near future but at the moment I'll take the green = good rating!

On a completely unrelated note, the girls are having a great time. Audrey returned from summer camp with a different attitude towards the girls - maybe being larger has helped her realize they are people after all? She lets the girls climb all over her and the process of dressing her up has begun with a few flower leis.

The girls are also enjoying the process of dressing themselves up...

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