Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zoo Trip

Time is flashing by and good times are being had by our amazing little munchkins. A while back, we went to the Oregon zoo with a bunch of family and friends. Can you imagine keeping track of six children - 4 under two - and eight adults when animals are all over the place? 

We began in the Pacific Northwest section by watching the bears.

Next up, XO earned a front row seat to her current favorite - fish! To make the experience even better, she watched the fish swim about while munching on tasty goldfish crackers.

Photos were a challenge due to the glass viewing areas but it was fun watching this bear take a long bath in its large tub.

The polar bear is absolutely massive. His paw is unbelievably huge!

A bit later in the week, the girls spent a bit more time at Laurelhurst Park. They now roam like a couple of clucking chickens with the pen open; each heading in their own direction at surprisingly fast speeds.

Charging up the hill
Sage spent her time sliding between the backrest and the seat of the bench. Her butt easily fit through but try as she could her head would not follow. Oh, the suffering of the wee one!

A couple of sisters taking a break...

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