Thursday, July 4, 2013

On the Hood Canal

At the one hour mark of a two-hour trip, Sage decided that she had had enough traveling and began to let everyone now. XO slept through the first 30 minutes of her piercing screams but the sounds quickly drove us batty. Leaving I-5 north, we skirted around the foot of the Hood Canal and headed north as the road shrunk down to one lane and glimpses of blue waters opened up. Our destination lay slightly past Hoodsport, at the home of Krista's former mentor teacher and two wonderful people that our girls are lucky to call grandma and grandpa. A relaxing weekend playing along the canal was in store for us and Sage and Xian quickly made themselves at home.

Hanging out over the canal.

Sage pushed a shopping cart all over the place.
Xian at the water's edge.

Early morning drinks

XO conning Grandpa Tom to read Rufferella to her for the 1,000th time.

Fun in the water. XO is developing a habit of taking off her diaper whenever possible.

Cruising in the shopping cart as they try to getaway from the scene of their graffiti.
Sage contemplates a ride into the canal.

Xian, yet again without clothes, peers out over the canal.
Grandma Pat - thanks for the great time. Until our paths again bring us out to the Hood Canal...

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