Friday, July 5, 2013

Laurelhurst Park

Eventually, our bags needed to be packed and we found ourselves on the road pulling away from the Hood Canal. The girls had played hard and slept for most of the return to Portland and after a late lunch we decided to check out Laurelhurst Park. The big tress are beautiful, the ducks a winning draw and plenty of squirrels exist to sneak up on.

XO points the way up the hill. Charge!

A "heat wave" was upon Portland though the air felt plenty cool under the shade of the trees. In the grassy lawns, bugs hovered at little girl height and a few dandelions begged to be blown into the air.

The girls make some sort of deal as they chase flying insects across the lawn.

Blowing dandelion seeds
It was great to see so many different people hanging out in the park. The sounds of a guitar being played drifted through the trees. Bicyclists meandered about and the sounds of children playing intermixed with dogs enjoying the off-leash area. For our girls, the highlight was tracking down ducks at the pond.

Hey! Where did they go? XO do you know?

Nope, I don't see them here. Silly ducks...


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