Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In the neighborhood

The summer days quickly slip by. In Portland, mornings often begin with clouds and the impression of an upcoming, bleak day. Almost 15 years ago, I moved from North Carolina to  the Pacific Northwest. Though I grew up on the beach, we did not experience the "marine layer," or the thick cloud covering that begins many a summer morning. Patience, patience. In time the layer burns off and Portlanders are treated to beautiful sunny skies. The upside is that the remainder of the day often remains quite cool - the earlier the marine layer burns off, the warmer the day.

We've settled into a new neighborhood that is within walking distance of Laurelhurst, Sunnyside, Hawthorne, Mt Tabor  -essentially where we want to be. The girls pounce up early in the morning and if we are lucky go back to bed after an hour or so to finish the night's siesta. We then go walking. Sometimes important destinations like breakfast or the park are in mind though other times we descend the front steps without any plans. A meander you might say. On this day, we strolled through the calm back streets between Belmont and Stark.

Sage's newest word is flower and she continually points them out to, well, just about everyone.

Learning sidewalk boundaries turns into a fun game. Now you see me, now you see me running for the road.

Always the one to bring us something - such a better alternative than digging the object out of her mouth.

Mom & Xian checking out the flowers.

Xian in front of a parking strip planter.

Yep, that's a bee.


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