Thursday, July 11, 2013

First Ice Cream Cones!

Xian knew exactly what the sign advertised. Alone, she quickly raced the final meters to place her hand on the cone. "Yes, peese."

Just in the last year, an explosion of neighborhood food carts appeared where empty lots once lied abandoned. The one closest to our current home boasts an assortment of food from Korean to Viking to fried chicken to ice cream along with several other cuisines. The sun pushed the mercury up and Krista's hankering for tropical fruits (it's only been a month) climbed with it. Mango smoothie for her, ice cream for the girls.

Krista armed with lots of napkins for our first timers.

Grammy joined us for the big event as visions of toppled ice cream scoops crossed our minds. The girls ate their cones like pros as each adapted their normal eating style for the melting treat.


Loving the ice cream!

XO, ever the dainty eater, barely made a mess at all. She became quite irritated when Dad swooped in for necessary maintenance on the melt lines.


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  1. I love hearing about "firsts". I recently witnessed my youngest's first brain freeze. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry with her.