Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back under the knife

Four months ago, this photo was snapped as Sage bravely marched towards the operation room. After again battling with hearing and ear infections, we returned for Round 2. Sage was again a trooper as she woke up without immediate breakfast. I know, we've created a little monster but this girl's metabolism is crazy high and after fasting for the night she wants her bottle!

Both girls experienced a rough night - waking at 3:00, then 4:00 and finally deciding to get up for the day around 5. Krista distracted Sage as Xian pounded her bottle and then I took Sage on a nice long walk with Audrey. Eventually, we got ready for the day and out of the house. Krista was soon dropped off to catch a ride to work with a coworker, Xian exited at school and Sage and I managed to be the first to the operating room. In moments, we were changed and the "strawberry scented" anesthetic administered. Given the boot, I waited for a short hour until the surgery finished.

A nurse told me that all went well and a groggy Sage quickly snuggled in for some love and comfort. A bit uncomfortable, she moaned and the display of toys did little to capture her attention. I tried a few scenarios to the amusement of passing nurses - who is this guy babbling in horrible French with a toy teacup-man in one hand and a chameleon-esque speed racer in the other. Something worked as she eventually passed out and I stared in amazement at her bouncing heart rate: 140 to 90 in seconds and a bit of everything in between.

By 10, we walked out of the hospital and Sage was in fine form as she accompanied AST students for the rest of the day. I hope that our trips to the operating table are over for a long time...

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