Friday, June 14, 2013

Audrey departs

This morning, Audrey was whisked away in a blue van. It wasn't intended to be that way. Her journey to Beijing began earlier than expected. Today, the blue van's job was to get her papers in order and to get her cleared for her trip. Instead, a voice appeared over the driver's phone. "There are issues with her flights. She must leave now." Now? "Yes."

We're not even really sure where she is at the moment. The blue van took off and we believe she boards a plane for Hong Kong on Sunday. The girls return home this afternoon to a home emptied of their pooch. Maybe it is better this way? For weeks, Xian has called Audrey's name as we leave school. The excitement of seeing her furry friend has calmed many car seat conflicts. It will be months - Audrey overnights in Hong Kong before flying to Beijing to spend the rest of the summer.

Just over three years ago, we were dealt miserable travel plans for our trip to Taiwan. In order to make the trip bearable for Audrey, we scrapped a portion of the flight plan and decided to drive/camp to San Francisco. In the middle of the night, on the banks of a beautiful river, Audrey felt the need to get out of the tent. The next day we all paid the price for her evening excursion. This time, we hope that Audrey has a quick travel and a fun summer at "camp".

In Taiwan, Audrey's favorite locations involve coast lines. If swimming is an option, she is a happy dog.

An early trip to Kenting, on the southern tip of the island, found a perfect spot for her.

A fast moving stream in Taroko Gorge

East side of the island

Audrey - we hoped you enjoyed your days in Taiwan. Your pack doubled in size and you have a few little ones to take care of once we rejoin in Beijing.

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