Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A budding relationship

We get asked from time to time about our four-legged girl, Audrey. How is she doing? How does she like the girls? What is she going to do over the summer... Here's a quick update.

Over the last year, Audrey grudgingly tolerated the girls. Who knows - maybe the newborn cries were too much for her to handle. She wondered, what are these little beings that receive so much attention. Slowly, slowly, those little beings began doing more than screaming. They sat up. They flapped their arms and one day, each began moving forward. Audrey watched from a distance and always ensured that she was out of arms reach. Crawling changed the dynamic again. No longer was she safe on her bed - the little ones visited her. It seemed touch and go for awhile at that point. Was Audrey really ok with them? She quickly became grumpy when chased down. Recently, love has been the game around here. Xian is a bit more on the gentle side so Audrey often shares space with her and Sage is becoming a good friend as well. She is starting to understand the need to be kind with Audrey.

Sage asking to join Xian and Audrey on Audrey's bed. She is signing, "I want".

Both girls coloring on Audrey's bed as she snuggles in behind them.

Eventually, they all get tired of each other and the jockey for positions begins...
Sage on Audrey's bed

Xian on the bed

Audrey trying to find comfort on a small pillow.

Next week, Audrey takes off for Beijing. She will zip through Hong Kong and then spend her summer in doggie camp until she rejoins us in August.

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