Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Bronchial Pneumonia Saga

Several days passed with Sage stuck in grumpy mode. She simply was not feeling well so on a Tuesday night, Krista decided to take Sage to the hospital to get her checked out. Hours later I get the message - yep, in our let's leave Taiwan brilliance we have already canceled one phone - that Sage waded through an emergency room full of H7 N9 panickers to find out that she managed to catch a case of bronchial pneumonia.

Yikes! She was being admitted to the hospital.

Sage needed a special IV machine because the original kept falling out
Home with a sleeping Xian, I suddenly had several challenges to overcome:

  1. We live in Dakeng - translation --> "scenic" area far, far away from anywhere
  2. Krista left with the Freeca (our car)
  3. My wallet is in the Freeca and no spare cash was hanging around home.
  4. Krista didn't anticipate Sage's admission to the hospital and has no clothes for either of them, no diapers, no formula, no toys, no books, no food, aaah!!
  5. I need to get to the hospital with a care bag, drop Xian off at school and get to work in time for my elementary before-school duty.
  6. Did I mention that I no longer have a phone?
  7. Oh yeah, the new guard of our community speaks not a lick of English.
Waking to find a house empty of both Mom and little sister, Xian acted as a rock star - it seems like she knew that we had a few hurdles to jump. She gulped her bottle as I changed her and then helped me walk Audrey and laughed at my attempt to communicate with the guard (I can't wait until she speaks Chinese as well as she understands!) Success - the taxi was on its way and a big thanks to Asa for leaving me some cash in his sporty red car.

10 hours later, Xian and I find ourself in a doctor's office. The visit quickly turned from being a good idea to Xian moving in with Sage. The four of us were reunited in room 707.

Double drip - both girls hooked up to IVs
The girls are amazing little beings! They quickly settled in to the confined life of an IV line. With little to do, they were introduced to the television as a time-wasting drug (here is to hoping they remember its effects on the 13-hour flight to Portland in a month!). We also napped, sang, read books and ate. Once, upon waking from a nap, Sage and I discovered that our clothing was covered in blood. Her IV popped out. Yuck!

The next morning, a rested and restless Sage got great news - she was heading home! It took most of the day to process paperwork but we eventually made it out. Kissing Krista and Xian goodbye, we headed home to a hot shower and warm bath. Unfortunately, XO had a rough night and instead of being released on Friday, she received an oxygen box.

Later that day (Friday) Sage and I came to visit. This time, Krista left with Sage to take a well-earned hot shower and nap. A bit later, Xian's principal and teacher showed up to visit. Then, just before bed time, a few kind volunteers stopped by to read and book / give a puppet show to little XinXin. She was left with a balloon flower.

Friday night featured a high fever for Xian. An xray in the morning indicated that some improvement had take place in her lungs. The big question for us is why isn't XO getting the same treatment as Sage? Is it a case of different doctors and different philosophies? Whatever the case, we wonder if Xian is not getting important antibiotics. 

Sage brought her smile in for an afternoon visit and the two girls enjoyed romping around on the bed.

Unfortunately, Sage and I left a little while later and Krista and Xian remained. This is the longest spell that we have had without each other and it's a bummer. Here's to hoping that Xian has a great night and soon finds her way to the hospital's exit.

Update: The next day Xian woke up full of energy. The tiny bed was no longer a big enough place for this moving machine. Fortunately, the doctor gave her the go-home clearance and by Sunday afternoon we were all back home. Happy Mother's Day!

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