Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Moments later, the tiger was on the roof

Yep, we cruised along in a caged truck where tigers roamed free. Wanting to have the girls experience all that Subic Bay could offer, we went to Zoobic Safari. I have to admit that I'm still conflicted over the visit - I rarely go to reputable zoos - but we took a day to see the animals in this "park".

The beginning of the day offered a tour though a small zoo-like area where we mingled with some animals, watched others from a nearby distance and had other animal walk by as if we were not even there. The girls loved seeing the new body shapes and designs. I wonder what goes through their mind as they look from a brightly colored bird to a camel or a crocodile.

Xian was a bit terrified of the camels this time. Her last encounter with a caravan of camels was in Taipei and she loved them. Aah, the minds of the little ones...

We also got to see a series of dances performed by a couple of local aboriginals. This photo shows the end of the quick dance. With blinding speed, the man sped up to the top of the tree.

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