Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking at sea critters

It got downright hot in the Philippines as we spent our spring break on the beach and visiting sites. One day, we visited a small aquarium whose inside rooms were dark, cold and full of  spectacular surprises. The girls danced, giggled and made friends as they roamed around rooms with few other people.

Some of the areas were outside and dolphins swam and flipped out of the water. Does anyone know why they don't simply leap out into the open waters and take off?

Walking between areas in the aquarium, the girls practiced holding onto hands. It doesn't get much cuter...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Moments later, the tiger was on the roof

Yep, we cruised along in a caged truck where tigers roamed free. Wanting to have the girls experience all that Subic Bay could offer, we went to Zoobic Safari. I have to admit that I'm still conflicted over the visit - I rarely go to reputable zoos - but we took a day to see the animals in this "park".

The beginning of the day offered a tour though a small zoo-like area where we mingled with some animals, watched others from a nearby distance and had other animal walk by as if we were not even there. The girls loved seeing the new body shapes and designs. I wonder what goes through their mind as they look from a brightly colored bird to a camel or a crocodile.

Xian was a bit terrified of the camels this time. Her last encounter with a caravan of camels was in Taipei and she loved them. Aah, the minds of the little ones...

We also got to see a series of dances performed by a couple of local aboriginals. This photo shows the end of the quick dance. With blinding speed, the man sped up to the top of the tree.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trip to the Philippines - the beach

Brave or crazy? We decided to take the second week of our Spring Break and head to the Philippines. Planning the trip was simple - find a place that could get the girls there without many exchanges and a short flight. Air Asia offered great deals to the Philippines so we decided to head south. Not wanting to wait for a second plane / transfer / have a horrendous meltdown, we took a car from Clark airport to Subic Bay. We were there for a short week and packed in a lot of activity. The girls got some beach time though decided not to sleep so Mom & Dad were a wee bit tired...

Heading out to the beach. The soft sand was a terror to both girls. Lack of stability? Too many grains? I don't know but they didn't like it.

The view from our hangout in Subic Bay.

XO loved the water - an awesome departure from her last beach trip (Thailand) but Sage was not too keen on getting in. She wanted no part of even getting one little toe in the water.

Sage playing with her shadow.

Krista and Xian check out the calm waters of the bay.