Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer come early...

The weather this past weekend in Taichung was quite remarkable. Cool mornings with blue skies heated to comfortable temperatures that brought a whole bunch of people outside. Xian's birth mother visited and we got out to a few places.

Of course, the park was a must visit. The girls dash to the entrance once they are let out of the car. It's fun to see how comfortable they have become with the repeat trips.

Xian charging up the climbing arch
Street performers were aplenty and this group caught lots of attention. Chinese yo-yos and spinning tops with a high degree of athleticism drew a crowd.

We were downtown on the newly named Calligraphy Greenway. Despite being in the center of Taichung, it typically feels quite calm here. The girls had plenty of room to explore,

debate, and

cool off their toes.

On the opposite side of the greenway, an outdoor art exhibit continually rotates different themes depending on the time of year. The girls were not too interested in the New Year's theme but the mirrors of the permanent buildings caught their attention.

A definite crowd pleaser - two babies loving their reflections

Given that the day felt like summer time, we felt it important to indoctrinate the girls on a summer time must - ice cream...

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  1. Great photos. Wonderful family Frank. Thanks for sharing.