Saturday, March 31, 2012

um, what happened?

The last 12 hours have been surreal. Last night, the girls put up a joint protest of going to sleep. Immediately after their baths they both exploded into a chorus of screams and yells. The energy expenditure of their protests must have been quite high because both fell asleep. By 7:00 Krista and I were enjoying dinner together, followed by some down time and we went to bed. Sweet, sweet sleep followed. Sage did not stir until 2:30 and Xian slept her first night through (all the way until 5:00!).

This morning, I took Xian and Audrey out for a quick walk, Krista gave Sage a 5:30 feed and by 7:00 am both girls were back asleep and we were sitting together drinking a cup of coffee. Amazing.

ps - the rest of the day was like being in the middle of a panic zone. Can't win 'em all.

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