Saturday, March 31, 2012

To the park

The apartment Krista and I lived in last year was located near a soon-to-be-developed area. From our 8th story windows, we could see the grid like shape of a future neighborhood. The nice thing for us is that a practice that I have observed several times in Taiwan took place; before the new buildings are constructed the greenways are put in. This left us with a nice park to visit without hordes of people living in the area. Since the end of last school year, construction has picked up with a frenzy. Driving through the area is increasingly different as tall housing complexes are put in. Concrete trucks line the roads waiting their turn to pour foundation. But, the park is still a nice place and we took advantage of a recent sunny day to get the girls out in the grass.

Getting a little snack on the park bench.

Looking for critters

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