Thursday, March 29, 2012

Downtown Park outing

Downtown Taichung has some nice green spaces. The National Science Museum in Taichung is linked to the Art Museum by a long green way with a few larger parks in between. On a sunny day, all sorts of people can be found riding bikes, doing yoga in the park (typically Westerners), walking dogs and exploring with small children. I am always astounded by the number of families out and about. Taiwan gripes about its low birthrate but I have never been in a place where I see so many families and small children outside. Is it the warmer weather? A general sense of security? Who knows, but outside spaces always seem to be teeming with wee ones. We profited from one of our sunny spring break days to go outside and join the throngs.

Xian loving the park.
Sage (not too fond of wind) & Krista

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