Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Shavin'

How absolutely ridiculous!  Near one of our local grocery stores is a dog groomer / day care location that caught our early attention as we settled into Taichung (almost a school year ago...) We laughed at this lion looking dog..

From Random Taichung

Krista was determined that her precious Audrey would never be shaved down to wander the parks of Taiwan looking like the kid with a bad haircut on picture day.  Fast forward to May.  The heat has returned.  Audrey sounds as if a coal engine is installed in our living room.  The panting rarely stops.  Hot air pours out to accompany her drooping, pink tongue.

"That's it, she's getting shaved!"  Krista changed her mind and out came the clippers.  A nervous looking Audrey is pulled over and the process begins.  Not wanting to gouge holes into her coat, Krista begins with a guard for a nice trimming.  As if... This dog is a lab and her coat is a high tech weave.  The clippers groan under the strain of passing through layer after layer after thick layer of fur.  Audrey's undercoat is a thick mat that eventually gets cut down (only a few holes are put into her coat).

In the end, the poor pooch is more than tired of being buzzed.  Her ears droop behind her head and those puppy dog eyes beg for an upgrade on life.  But, she has to feel better right?

Audrey's dark fur does not allow for a distinguished mane around her head so Krista goes for the devil tail.

In the end, Audrey seems to have lost several years of life and has a come-and-cuddle-with-me-the-cute-little -sheep-look about her.