Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1 cubic meter + 4

We are coming down to the wire! I think that we have finally whittled our belongings down to the items that will go to Taiwan (in these photos). Four bags (each barely under the 50# limit) and one nervous pooch will accompany us on the plane while one cubic meter of other "stuff" will take the slow boat. This afternoon, we will take the items to be shipped to the freight forwarding company and drop off. In theory, it will take a minimum of four weeks for the boat to make it to Taichung.

We begin driving south to San Francisco on Wednesday if Audrey's clean bit of health returns from the State Stamper of Official Well-Being.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two weeks left!

Sometimes I get the feeling that when exciting events are on the horizon, time has a way of slowing down. Days painfully crawl forward. Our departure acts as if it is toying with us. Originally, the plan was to be heading south today on a big road trip. We had anticipated one last visit to our favorite spots on the Oregon coast and then an exploration of the northern Californian coast to see the redwoods. Unfortunately, health requirements for Audrey require us to stay around the area until the 28th or so.

At the same time, it's not that we have been idle. Last weekend, we gathered at Krista's grandmother's house with some family and friends on a beautiful summer evening. The wind died down and the mountain was crystal clear from the knoll that the house rests upon. The view east is over acres of nursery fields that have leafed out until the foothills begin to rise and then Mt Hood takes over. Ridge lines are well-defined by rock though the snowfields are still a brilliant white.

We also spent a nice evening at a former student's house sharing a great dinner and have been treated to some wonderful Portland restaurants. On Monday, our car drove away and on Thursday we cleaned our apartment for the last time. We're heading out to Hood River for a week before we return to get Audrey checked up and take some items to the famous slow boat.

Enjoy summer!